Department of Mathematics and statistics

           Dr. Mohsen Razzaghi

         Dr. Shantia Yarahmadian

         Dr. Mohammad Sepehrifar

Department of Aerospace

            Dr. Masoud Rais-Rohani, P.E.

 Department of Chemical Engineering

          Dr. Hossein Toghiani

Department of Sociology

Dr. Mehrzad Netadj

Marketing/Quant Analysis/Bus Law

           Dr. Alireza Tahai

CVM Basic Science Department

         Dr. Abdolhamid Borazjani

FWRC - Forest Products

           Dr. Abdolhamid Borazjani
Department of Electrical Engineering

         Dr. Masoud Karimi

Department of Civil Engineering

         Dr. Farshid Vahedifard

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Nima Shamsaei

Building Construction Science

         Dr. Masoud Gheisari


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